About Fraywire

I love building stuff.

Computers? Yeah, I build those. Highways? Yep, I've built those, too. Bridges? You bet. Apps? Ahuh. Websites? I built the one you're looking at right now.

My life's work and passion is to unravel problems, build things from scratch, and make them built-to-last. Nothing makes me happier than completing a project and watching someone get excited over things like new features I designed to make something work better.

But it's not just about "building" - it's about building fun, entertaining, and thought-provoking machines that make you think outside the box. Whether it's a website I've built, an AutoCAD drawing I put together, or my photography - my goal never changes. I want you to see the world in a different way that makes you wonder what else possible.

A "frayed wire" is a wire that's been unravelled and unravelling problems is what I do best.

- Roy

Engineered in Brooklyn.

Fraywire is where the magic of code meets the art of creativity. It solves complex problems with ingenuity and simplicity.

From engineering to art, Fraywire hopes to inspire and innovate ideas that spark thought and conversation.

Here you'll find projects I'm working on, free apps available for you to use, my latest photography, and interesting articles about a variety of issues from civil engineering to economics.

- Roy (Creator of Fraywire)