What I Build

  • Content Management Systems
  • Data Management Applications
  • Filing and Document Control Applications

  • Business Websites
  • Interactive Networking Tools
  • Online Personal and Business Tools

  • MySQL
  • Data Analysis

    Computers & Rigs:
  • CAD Machines (for AutoDesk Applications)
  • Gaming Rigs (for 3D and/or 2D Editing & Modeling)

    If you're interested in having me build anything you see here, please don't hesitate to contact me at roymantoun@gmail.com
  • What is FRAYWIRE?
    Engineered in Brooklyn.

    Fraywire is where the magic of code meets the art of creativity. It solves complex problems with ingenuity and simplicity.

    From engineering to art, Fraywire hopes to inspire and innovate ideas that spark thought and conversation.

    Here you'll find projects I'm working on, free apps available for you to use, my latest photography, and interesting articles about a variety of issues from civil engineering to economics.

    - Roy (Creator of Fraywire)